Saturday, November 26, 2011


New event "Cutey Pajamas" has started!!! You can find the following items in Rin's shop!!

"Cutey Pajamas" etkinliği başlamış bulunmaktadır! Aşağıdaki ürünleri Rin's Shop da bulabilirsiniz!!! 

❤Luvs u❤

☆panda hugs☆



  1. Hi Rin! I was wondering if you could have a 'panda themed' event? Just a suggestion. Panda Hugs!!! :3

  2. very cute ^^ Love the water melon the most xp
    And almost like Anonymous(1) said;
    Can ya make a panda pajamas? <3 That would be soooooo kawaii!
    Panda hugs <3

  3. heyyo ;)

    ah suika my love!! XD
    so great and lovely :3~

    and the sleeping mask is so hilarious! XD

    rly well done Rin girl, i love everything!! :))