Thursday, November 24, 2011

♥Bugs Bugs♥

Hey everyone!!!
Please make sure you know that this is only a beta testing so there will always be some bugs.
So please please do not report them to me.I wish i could help you with them but i can not.So instead please report them to they are working hard to clear all the bugs.

Other than this one please do not get mad at me for not replying you.
I read all of your messages/comments but if i reply to all of them I won't have time to create new games/clothes for things take a lot of time so please understand ^^!
I read them all and i report them all to the staff members.But there are only 24 hours a day and it is allready not enough...

Btw we just started working with another artist for new clothes and she is new so you might see some bugged clothes etc in the shops.Again do not report those bugged clothes to me..Report them directly to Hotspot-staff
You can also give her your clothing suggestions too.
That's all for today as i have to go work some more !
See you!

❤Luvs u❤

☆panda hugs☆



  1. i understand you rinmaru ,you're right ,and i love all your games , you're very cool

  2. I understand that it would be very hard to answer all comments :D i hope it soon will come more wonderful clothes ^^

  3. I just had a problem,, but I don't know if it is just me, or anyone else too. There are some clothes missing from the Oshare Time in the Rin Shop. So I was wondering, is there meant to be or is it just my computer, or is it a bug??? Thanks. Panda Hugs!!! :D

  4. heyza :)

    oh still so many bugs! :o
    but it will be fewer and fewer i'm sure :)

    anywayz thx for the tip, i'm sure i will encounter a few more probs and i'll let the staff know directly! XD

    hope you get enough sleep darling o.e
    oh and i rly appreciate the fact that you considered the help of another artist! :D

    love you lots,

  5. in the sale shop i cant see any item ! so i cant buy them

  6. Excuse me for disturbing you, but I'd like to cancel my account RinmaruWorld.
    With all my duties, I have more time to look into it ...

  7. im sorry to bother you rin but RinMaru world isnt working every time i go there the page wont stop reloading, and it wont let me go to my page when i log in it sends me back to home page