Friday, September 21, 2012

Winners of "Rinmaru World Style Awards 2012

The jury has decided on the winner of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in “Rinmaru World Style Awards 2012” competition!!! And it was not easy… So many  creative designs, omg!!! :D Here are the results:
1.        Ana Marta Rodrigues dos Santos (martofsky)  (100.000 Ringo)
2.        Raffaella Cioffi (illnessillusion)                          (50.000 Ringo)
3.        Nathaly Vargas (NathyVella)                             (25.000 Ringo)
And their creations are being drawn and coded by the “Rinmaru” creative team and will be put up for sale at the shops in Rinmaru Town. To be announced when it is completed. :D
Special thanks to our jury members for their valuable time and effort.
And many thanks to all those who participated. See you all in the future competitions…

 1. Ana Marta Rodrigues dos Santos

 2. Raffaella Cioffi 

3. Nathaly Vargas

"Rinmaru World Style Awards 2012" - Kazananlar

Jürimiz, “Rinmaru World Style Awards 2012” yarışmasının 1., 2.,v e 3.'sünü belirledi!!! Öyle, hiç te kolay olmadı!!! 
O kadar çok yaratıcı çizim vardı ki! :D Sonuçlar şöyle:
1.        Ana Marta Rodrigues dos Santos (martofsky)  (100.000 Ringo)
2.        Raffaella Cioffi (illnessillusion)                          (50.000 Ringo)
3.        Nathaly Vargas (NathyVella)                            (25.000 Ringo)
İlk üçe giren yarışmacıların kolleksiyonları, ”Rinmaru” yaratıcı ekibi tarafından çizilerek oyunlaştırılıyor ve pek yakında Rinmaru Town’daki mağazalardan birinde satışa sunulacak.
Sevgilil jüri üyelerimize, değerli zamanları ve çabaları için özel olarak çok teşekkür ederiz.
Ayrıca katılan tüm yarışmacılara katkıları için teşekkürler. Sizleri gelecek yarışmalarda tekrar görmek istiyoruz.



  1. those are impressive drawings!!! :D much better than mine when i sent them in- though i think i sent them a little too late... since the deadline was at 6pm, i sent them at least 20 min after 6pm... :((

  2. @Anonymous: we did accept late entries... there will more competitions in the future. and u must enter!!! we did not expect professional drawings... so cya next time. and thx for being such good sport!
    - mod

  3. @ illnessillusion: hehe!!! congratz! you did a great job! so happy for u... well done!!!! :D big hugz, our new designer! ahahaha... and yvw. thank u!!!

  4. I'm so happy! It's a great honour to participate in such a wonderful game, thank you very much for the opportunity! Congratulations to the other participants!

    A big thank you,

  5. heyy!!! we're very happy too. awesome designs. wonderful to have such creative people on board, lol. thank you for participating! gratz from all of us!!! hugz!

  6. Pleas Rin I need help. On rinmarugames I cant upload my pictures even if it is JPEG pictures, it says that I cant upload more than 90 pictures on a day. I haven't upload sense like 1 year ago because of the problem. Pleas can you fix it? or do you know how any one can help me?

  7. Hey Rinmaru!
    I can't go on rinmaru world. I don't know what's going on. Every time I try to get on the webpage it says that google chrome couldn't find the webpage..I also tried to use other browsers and even other computers..but it won't work. Help plz.