Sunday, October 30, 2011

♥Limited Halloween outfits♥

Two new outfits are in the Happy Halloween Event!Make sure you get them ;D because they are limited and will be gone by thuesday!

İki yeni kıyafet Rin's Shop/Happy Halloween etkinliğine eklenmiştir!Hemen almanızı tavsiye ediyorum :P .Bunlar sadece salı gününe kadar mağazada kalacaklar.


  1. hello =D I just started playing rinmaru world, but have been playing on for a while. but in rinmaru world, is there a way to earn more ringo?

  2. Ooh I want both, but I haven't seen before I spent all my ringos in other stuff =/

  3. hey^-^

    awesome idea Rin!! :DD
    well i hope everyone who wanted got an outfit ;)

    can't wait for more events! :D


  4. holy crap!! super cuttteee ^-^...wish i could buy the angel 1 -.-