Monday, October 24, 2011


Hihii Everyone!!!
As you all know ive been working on RinmaruWorld for about 2 years now..And finally with an awesome team and staff members we came to the most anticipated closed beta!
I will talk about everything later on.(Why it took so long,how did we work,who are the team members etc..) But for now..I know we have some bugs that need to be fixed.Some of them we know..but some of them we dont know yet.
What i need from you is..carefully find all the bugs you can while playing this game and report me by using message in RinmaruWorld or comment in here.
And of course have fun :)!!!!



  1. heyza Rin girl!! :DD

    your first entry!! *woo*
    and your first comment *woo*

    anticipating your next entry with your explanations!

    lovesssss & hugglesssss

  2. Hi Rin,

    I have this problem with the Your Style part of Rinmaru Games. When I click upload after selecting the file it loads for ages then says that I need to be logged in but I am!

    What do I do???

    Please help! :D

  3. I've been following your other site RinmaruGames site for more than a year, and i'm SO GLAD this site is finally up!!!
    *happy dance*

  4. hey rin!! :D
    when i get on my profile there is some comments but it douse not show that i have some! D: it mite be my computer but i not sure. >.<

    love yous ♥ *hugs*

  5. Hi, could you make it easier to earn coins? I find liking, then friending, then commenting to be a bit repetitive, and I would like to see more games on there

    1. Yeah like connecting rinmarugames to rinmaruworld :3 so like if you played games oh rinmarugames you would earn coins!! :D but you can always make a new account sell something on your account in the second hand shop for 1000 go on you new account you made and buy it xD lol thats what i do :P

    2. how do you sell clothes in the second-hand shop? I just joined and the store seems to be empty ):

  6. I'm having problems with the secondhand shop no matter what I sell, no matter what the price it gives me the error msg about it being 80% over the purchase price when in fact the items I'm selling were priced and bought for 100 or 200 and I'm selling them for less or maybe 100-200 more what's happening, this is the first time I've run into these problems.

  7. Omg, I used to play this game when i was in grade 5 and i was obsessed with it, it was my favorite thing to go on, and now i'm in grade 8, and it just popped into my head, so i thought i would look it up and go on it again to see what had changed, so i tried looking it up and i cant find it any where, please someone tell me what happened to Rinmaru World!!